Develop and Cultivate Your Leads to Build Your Real Estate Business

Postcard marketing is just one component of an effective real estate marketing campaign. The best in the business leverage a variety of techniques to create their lead list. And, any business owner understands the true power behind a lead list. Without constant, new leads flowing into your business, your revenues will suffer. So, what other marketing methods have been proven effective for building a solid lead list? And, once you have begun to build a solid lead list, how can you effectively cultivate it?Lead Generation TechniquesWhen it comes to lead generation, there are two primary platforms available for you to consider: online and offline. Each type of marketing platform has their place within the real estate world. Here are some of the most commonly utilized marketing techniques for your consideration:Offline:· Postcards· Flyers· Open Houses· Direct Phone Calls· Referrals· Print advertisementsOnline:· Articles· Blogs· Ebooks· Opt-In pages· Social media and social networking· Social Bookmarking· Email MarketingWhen working to build your lead base in real estate, it is best to try as many marketing techniques as possible initially. Over 3-6 months, you will have collected sufficient data to evaluate which techniques work, and which don’t for your particular real estate business. Eliminate those techniques which are not producing results, and reinvest the funds into the programs where you are yielding the best results. Now that you know where to begin in terms of lead capture, you need to understand how to cultivate them.Cultivating your Lead BaseOnce you have collected a lead, follow up is required. Follow up will allow you to convert your leads into clients. You can call, email or send direct mail to your leads over time. These processes should be completed over time until a lead either requests to be taken off your list, or until they convert into a customer. Real estate is often about timing. Just because someone is not ready to list with you one month, doesn’t mean that they won’t in 6 months. If your contact information is not in front of the lead when they are ready to make a move, another agent will gain the business. While you could set up a manual system for lead follow up, successful agents leverage an automatic contact system to notify them of not only when they need to follow up, but in many cases, the online platforms will perform the follow up on the agent’s behalf.